It’s getting easier to reach out to people for this project. That in itself is a major victory for me given that I am a very reserved person and not that fond of small talk. What I am a big fan of however, is making new friends. The main reason is because it is so damn hard to make genuine friends as an adult. There needs to be an adulting 101 book, How to Make friends edition. Then again, that makes it sound too formulaic, which is a total suck fest in my eyes. I guess it’s better the way I’m doing it.

I don’t remember how she popped up on my radar, but when I messaged her I was wholeheartedly not expecting her to respond. I think the message I sent went something like:

Hey, I’m starting this project where I’m trying to meet genuine people in DC in hopes of making new friends. I don’t want anything from you other than a potential new friend. I feel as though people in DC care too much about what connections they have and I’m tired of that tit for tat thing. If you’re interested in grabbing coffee let me know. Oh and let me take your photo.

That’s been my approach to everyone I’ve wanted to meet. So far, it’s worked a number of times and it’s failed even more times. The truth is I don’t mind my approach because it is direct and it gets to my point rather quickly. I’ve been told by some that it’s too direct and people in DC like to play things in a political way and that I should be more diplomatic. To that I say fuck that! If that’s the case, I’m ok not meeting those people. The point of this entire project is to not have to pretend to be something you’re not. It’s about talking straight up to people and presenting yourself as a genuine person interested in making genuine relationships. I don’t want it to be seen as anyone is getting something out of it other than what’s on the label.

A few moments after I sent Brittany the message, she responded with total acceptance of what I wanted to achieve and said she wanted to do it because she also shared a similar view. So we set a date and we had coffee. She also mentioned that I'd have a hard time taking a photo of her because she has no idea what to do with her hands. I tried to say that most people don't but she kept insisting she had ricky bobby hands (if you don't get the reference fuck you). Then things escalated. We basically began drinking at 11 or 12 and kept that party going all damn day! Here’s how our day went.


Prior to meeting up, she told me that she’d be taking over a local Instagram account for the day. No problem, I was up for it and understood that it meant spending a large amount of time either on the phone of in front of the phone. It’s the nature of the beast. What I didn’t know was how nervous she was. She showed up at Dolcezza and immediately we hit it off. She seemed a bit flustered because she apparently forgot to do some pre takeover steps. When she told me, all I did was laugh. This Instagram takeover business is tough work!

After things got going and we had coffee in our systems, I started realizing how closely our thought patterns were and how much of the same things we thought about in regards to DC. Also, I don’t know what it is but I’m meeting way too many people from Florida as she is now the 24th person I know from Florida. It seems as though DC is the resting spot for Floridians and I’m apparently meeting them all! 


As we got more and more comfortable, which was from the very first moment really, we began sharing stories about our past and I am even more grateful to started this project. So, she is a former law enforcement professional and moved to DC with her then husband. She had a stint in a brokerage firm and man alive! That is now an area I never want to ever work in and after a while she realized it wasn’t for her either. As soon as she was in a place where she could, she left that job and went into marketing. This is where she excelled and where she would find out where her passion really is. 

In the middle of talking more about marketing and how I went to school for that, she remembered that she was doing a takeover and needed to get out and about to show DC. So we gathered our things and we went walking around the 14th St Neighborhood. When I say we went walking, it was more she went walking and I followed her. 

Another reason why I do love that I started this project is that it has given me the ability to not only meet new people, but to see new things around DC. I will admit that I haven’t been giving DC a fair shot in regards to what to do here, but in my defense a lot of what there is to do and/or see is often times hidden away. You have to know people that know people who are in the know or else you just don’t know.


So as we’re walking, we started conversing more about our past lives. Some things I won’t get into here because it’s none of your business, but if you ever get the opportunity to have a conversation with her, by all means go ahead and do it. You’ll be a better person for knowing Brittany as she has had a life full of experiences and a lot of surprises. One story though that I won't soon forget is about her returning money to a man who dropped it.

Keep in mind, Brittany is vertically challenged. She's this small woman who isn't at all threatening. So she's walking to work one morning and some suit dropped some money. Brittany, being the kind person she is, decided to pick it up and return it to the guy. Apparently this guy thought she was a threat of some kind and as she was trying to return the money (hand in air shouting at the guy). This guy was apparently running from her and went into a government building and she followed him in and he was actively trying to get away from her. Eventually she gave up and kept the money.

So as we’re walking and talking and finding little hideaways she asks me if I have any further plans and if I wanted to come with her to lunch with a few friends. I thought about it and realized that, whilst I had a lot to do, I didn’t want to do anything. So I agreed and went with her to meet some new friends. 

Now, this is where things became even more fun. This was around 11am and where my drinking started. This is when it started and it didn’t stop until later on that night.

The first stop on our drinkscaped was the BlueJacket. I HIGHLY recommend this place (it was only my first time and it was good), and if you’re a lover of burgers, GET ALL THE BURGERS!! What I don’t recommend a beer called The Jam. It tasted like dry cereal and MY GOD THE AFTER TASTE IS JUST HORRIBLE!


Part 2 of this drinkscapade coming shortly. SO MUCH DRINKING HAPPENED! If you think you can out drink Brittany, just don't. That is a losing fight. Save yourself the embarrassment.

In the next part of this story, we visit Republic and Restoratives, Cotton and Reed and the Kimpton rooftop. Drinking all the way.