Weekly Inspiration 001

Hello from ye old interwebs!

As the title suggests, this post will be about inspiration and what I find that has inspired me this week. As a "visual engineer" (still cracks me up), finding a constant source of inspiration is something that goes without saying really. 

We all find inspiration from a variety of things. I myself find inspiration from a plethora if things, be it walking down the street and curating a story in my head or people watching (which needs to be a sport). I also tend to go on google and type a word in the search bar and hit images and see what pops up.

My goal for this inspiration series is to share with everyone what inspires me on a day to day basis so you can see what goes through my mind weekly. I also hope this will give me impetus to create more blog posts because OH MY GOD I SUCK AT IT!!

Don't expect a walkthrough, I'm just going to post images and link them to the creator. I may give an initial thought process, but don't go expecting a full on story as to why these images inspired me. Chances are, they just look cool and are pretty because pretty pictures are cool.

I have to be blatantly honest, I did not collect where I got these photos from. I simply searched google and saved the images in a mood board. I will correct that for future inspirations however.