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Yesterday (Friday | April 22, 2017), I had the absolute privilege to be given a tour of the Washington Post (Washington D.C.). The event was organized by Holly Garner from IGDC and our tour guides were Tauhid Chappell (Social Media Editor), Austin Graff and Dee Swann

(Making my way down town was playing on Spotify, oddly enough) After deciding to drive into to D.C., I almost instantly regretted it. I don't know what I thought would be different this time around because on every other occasion; the traffic was murder and finding parking is one of the most time consuming events ever. Nevertheless, I foolishly carried on. Surprisingly, wasn't THAT bad, but getting down to K st is always a pain. The surprising part was that I found parking almost immediately upon reaching Washington Post HQ.

Made my way into the building and linked up with the group and the first person we met was Marvin Joseph (Staff Photographer and all around hyper active creative). This guy, has probably the most addictive personality of anyone I've met in a long time. From the moment we walked into the studio right up until we left, his personality was addictive.  

After a massively entertaining portrait session, we walked through the post's offices and went to look out over the National Mall. A view to a kill, so to speak and what a view it was. My favourite however were the views on the roof itself and boy was it stylish. The following are of the views and people at the Post.

Holly Garner and David Wissman

Tauhid Chappell

Dee Swann

Laurie Collins