OM NOM NOM! Chicken Deliciousness!

FREE FOOD IS ALL YOU NEED TO SAY TO GET ME TO ANYWHERE! A couple days ago I was invited by a friend to partake in an Instagram meet up for food. I was a tad bit nervous because the last time I did any food photography was in New York when I got hired to do a shoot for Zagat Survey. Now that may sound fancy and that I’ve had experience prior to that, but you’d be wrong. That was my first time taking food photos and I was nervous as all hell, but they (Zagat) thought my photos were good enough to be purchased. Now I had a second opportunity to take photos of food and enjoy some free food. 

The restaurant we went to is called The Chickery and it’s based out of Toronto, Ontario (Canada). The owner is something of a celebrity chef, having appeared on several cooking shows and his ventures in being a restauranteur has been met with success so far. When I got to the restaurant I was met by James, Phil through DC Eatstameet (they are also the curators of #makeportraitsnotwar on IG) and the PR lad for the restaurant. As soon as I walked in the space had a familiar feel to it. It was like a cross between Chipotle and and a New York pizzeria and I’m very familiar with both types of establishments (if you know me I’m quite rotund). As time went on I met more and more people whom I’d met at other Instagram meet ups with IGDC. Then the party started.

First was a platter of chicken strips accompanied with a collection of sauces. OH MY TO THE 3 LIVING GODS!! The strips by themselves were just fantastic, not too tough, not too rough, perfectly flaky and the right amount of good stuff going down. However, paired with any and I do mean ANY of the sauces, it transforms the strips into pervasive goodness. I like spicy foods and spicy sauce and my palate, compared to a wide array of others, doesn’t falter at extremely spicy foods. I also think that there needs to be a “goldie locks” zone with the spice and the spicy sauce was sublime. It was very spicy without being overpowering and sweet without being too much so. Then they brought out chicken feathers and I immediately thought feathers were involved, then I began to think just how ridiculous that would’ve been. 

The feathers were like chicken pancakes and who doesn’t like pancakes (seriously who doesn’t). They were a bit stiff, but not in a bad way. I don’t know just how to accurately describe the taste of the feathers, but oh man they got really good really fast and this time I paired them with their version of honey mustard. NOM NOM NOM! Soon after that I began feeling the effects of being in an induced food coma and I started to languish in the back of the group. But from what I ate and the testimony of everyone involved in this event, The Chickery is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat.