Weekly Inspiration 002

I swear I have a huge problem with being too impulsive when it comes to spending. 9/10 of the things I buy, I buy because they look cool, not even an exaggeration. For example, I'd buy Voss water simply because the bottle looks cool. Another example, the first camera I ever bought was bought because the photos of it looked cool. That was the Canon 50D and I do not regret it because once I actually learned about cameras and what my camera could do I fell in love with it.

Searching the interwebs is similar as I can get distracted by images simply because they look cool. A few times however, I will spend time trying to recreate an image that I've found interesting. In the images below, I'm sure I'll be recreating one of them. They're all pretty damn cool in their own way and they all have inspired me in one way or another to either try some of them in my own work or use them as inspiration for suggestions for clients.


I hope you enjoy these images as much as I have.


These images were pulled from Abduzeedo. It is a website that you definitely need to be perusing if you're a creative. Everything about this website is just fantastic. A lot of my inspiration comes from here and the tutorials they have also are fantastic, easy to comprehend the selection is various. Definitely go check them out.