Meeting People

Meeting people is hard. Really REALLY hard. I've struggled with that aspect of adulthood for a long time and it doesn't get any easier. I have this penchant for either talking too much or talking too little. When I talk too much I often get the feeling that those that I'm speaking to often find me irritating because I know that I talk too much. On the flipside when I don't talk enough I start to think that people find me shady and untrustworthy and just a loner because I'm not communicating with everyone like everyone else is doing. So I often find myself in a quandary and it usually ends up making me feel unwanted or just out of place.

Lately however, I've been going to Instagram Meetups and meeting a lot of likeminded individuals. I still tend to just stay back and observe rather than be conversational, but thats how I make friends now unfortunately. I wait, watch and find those that are interesting to me then make moves. 

Things have been rather interesting of late and in particular this past weekend when IGDC hosted a World Wide Instameet. I met some fantastic new people and met some old faces and all of the photos that came out was great. But what made it great for me was that there were a lot of people who knew me and wanted to meet me ahead of time and I had a few people literally come up to me and ask me if I was who they thought I was.

First let me tell you, I don't think I'm no one special, I don't think my photos are good or even average. However I got so many comments from people about my photos at the meet up that it made me feel so good. So good in fact that I became very quiet and observant, more so than usual, that I kind of forgot everyone's name that I met because I was too busy being shy and reserved. Yea that sounds just as strange typing as it is reading, but t'is what it is.

Anyway, since so many people have been so taken with my photos on Instagram I thought I'd share a short post and some photos of this weekend's world world Instameet.