The family and friends discount

Given how well known it is that the creative field is very difficult field to be successful in, the absolute last people who should be asking for discounts are family and friends (especially family). It is bad enough that we have to deal with unknown persons who are looking to save money here and there, to have to deal with family and friends who are looking to take advantage of your talents is not only insulting, but VERY disheartening. It is made even more disheartening when these very people are willing to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on things to be socially accepted.

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What makes a place feel like home?

When I walked in, I was greeted by a warm welcoming glow. The open ceiling and low hanging lights made it feel as if I had walked into an intimate restaurant. The facade is wrapped in curtain windows, flooding the shop with natural light. On the right, as you enter is a wall adorned with records. Even more cover the back wall, along with a few turntables.

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Social networks, such as Instagram have become essential to brands, which by the way is a content driven platform. The thing is though, because Instagram and others were not valued in the beginning a precedent was set and is still in effect today. That precedent is, the more followers you get, the more free stuff you’d get from brands. Basically, it became a social media high school. 

Brands were willing to reward the popular kids and the popular kids, not knowing the value of anything were happy to take free product rather than getting paid to promote the brands. Brands have thus grown tenfold while spending a few dollars to manufacture a product. 

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