Being Human

This project explores the varying facets of life that make us human. Speaking with a variety of people, I aim to find what does in fact make us who we are and the experiences in life that has shaped us.

I started this project in an exploratory way trying to figure out what it meant to be a black man living in the current political climate. As a black man, I've felt ostracized - even more so now - in the United States. As a result of my own personal experience, I wanted to know if other black men have or do feel the same as me. Whilst that may seem to be a foregone conclusion, assuming so is assuming that all black men are raised the same way. 

As I progressed in my exploratory endeavours, I started realizing how minimal my scope was. Yes black men are facing a tough fight in this country, but so too are women, the LGBTQ community and anyone who differs in political views than those who currently "lead" this country.

With that in mind I started to progress and widen the scope of the project.