“If you want to get to know who I am, take a look at the people I photograph. I can be as vulnerable as a nude or as dark as a silhouette.”

I am someone who can be easily swayed by the appearance of something. If it looks cool or is wonderfully designed I will spend the money on it. I am an advertiser’s dream. I claim to be a photographer, but I’m simply on a journey of discovery and creativity. 

I spent time in the US Army as a rifleman and wasn’t necessarily a fan of everything I did. The first time I took up a camera was during my first deployment and the first image I ever took is what got me hooked on photography. 

I believe that good photography, like wine, gets better and better over time. I’m in no rush to be the next Avedon, Demarchelier or LaChapelle, though those are the people I admire the most for their visual prowess. I am on a journey and it seems to be a long trip and as such I’m simply along for the ride.

The key is, progress. Not perfection.

My name is Lukas North and I’d you to be my next subject.